I need help with export

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Gyuri - I think that you're getting a little confused by the "backface removal" view in Max.

There is an option in Max for whether to draw back-facing polygons or not - you currently have this set to not draw back faces (which I think is the default) so it is normal that portions of your model will not be displayed.

What is adding to the confusion is that in both of these cases the model is not closed and the normal direction of the model is reversed from what you are expecting.

If you use the flip function in Max on each of these objects, you should suddenly see that it looks proper in your viewport inside Max.

For your m2 model, that is just an open surface instead of a closed solid. MoI is not able to analyze this to determine what the most proper "outward" direction is, so you may have to flip such surfaces inside of Max if the sided-ness is important to you. If sided-ness is not important to you (like if you are rendering with double-sided materials), then turn off the back-face removal display in Max and you don't need to worry about flipping in that case.

The confusing part is your M1 model looks like it is a fully closed solid, but it actually isn't - there are unjoined edges in it right in the area where the cylinder sticking up from the pocket barely grazes the side wall of the pocket.

The M1 model can be repaired into being a full solid by selecting it, using Edit/Separate to break it into individual surfaces, and then using Edit/Join to join them back together again - this will glue the edges together properly into a closed solid and after you have done this it should export with the normals pointing to the outside as you would expect.

But basically your original model data should actually work ok for you, just flip it inside Max or turn off backface culling.

The parts that look like they are "missing" inside of Max are really there, it is just a feature of Max to not draw chunks of the model to try and make the display faster and lighter and with the m1 model the pieces that it is not drawing are reversed from what you would normally want since the model normals are reversed from what you would expect. The data is actually all there though.

Hope this helps!

- Michael