toe modeling?

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Will,

> Once again I'm hoping tips like this make it into the docs or onto the Wiki pages!

I kind of view the forum as another piece of documentation in addition to the help file and the Wiki.

But the part that makes it work as documentation is having it indexed, which is what I plan on using the Wiki for - so I just added a link to this post from the Wiki resources page, under the tutorials section.

That way someone who is starting out browsing the documentation will be able to find it instead of it being buried in the forum as new posts arrive.

> I typically try to do everything in a single shot

If your shape is simple enough this will work, but if it has many changes in shape it will be difficult. What happens is adjustments in one area will tend to have a kind of "ripple effect" and influence other parts of the shape in ways that you might not want.

Splitting into pieces tends to increase the amount of control you have over each piece.

Sometimes it can be difficult to judge where splitting should happen, there is not always a single rule that determines it, it is kind of a judgement call.

- Michael