toe modeling?

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Lemo, I'm glad that helped. If you get stuck or run into problems, please post your curves.

One thing that can be a problem in general with that lofting method is getting unwanted ripples and bulges. After you mess with it a bit you can develop more of a feel for how to gradually change the shape of each progressive section to try and reduce those.

I adjusted those curves in and out and up and down to get that result. Also Loft Style:Loose can help reduce wiggles.

This kind of topo-lines lofting approach can work well when you want some small protuberances. If you wanted to make longer toes then you would have to switch to a different method, probably trying to model the toes separately and then blend or fillet them into the foot part. But that's also where a subdivision surface style modeler starts to work quite a lot better.

The other general tip is that it can get hard to try and control too many aspects of a shape all in one shot with Loft. So for example in this case, I did not make any attempt to try and make a rounded top all with this same Loft. That would likely have introduced additional rippling as the shapes changed quite a bit more in size. So leaving that going fairly straight up (and rounding out the top in a later step) helps make the Loft more controllable.

- Michael