toe modeling?

 From:  Michael Gibson
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You can also add vertical curves as well, and then use Construct / Network. This can give you some additional control:

Like for example here I can control how the pieces get connected to one another, so I can make one vertical curve that runs along the point of the toes, and then joins it to the front part of the top curve - when lofting this will just get evenly spaced and kind of twist around the side a little bit, creating some torque in the resulting surface.

That network will give this result:

At first I had some bad bulges that were kind of sticking out in the top part, so I added a couple more vertical stacked layers that were smooth to control it some more.

Also Network is kind of basically like doing a loft in 2 directions - so you have to kind of imagine that each set of curves in one direction will be lofted. So for example it would not work well to only have vertical curves running down the front part of the foot along just the toes, you need to have enough curves that go all the way around to the back part as well.

Curves are attached as

- Michael