toe modeling?

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Rainer, do you possibly have a sketch or something? That might help me understand the kind of shape that you are looking for a bit better.

Fingers and toes tend to be things that work better in a subdivision surface type modeler, but you can do them in MoI if you are looking for a kind of stylized type thing.

This one might be a good one to try and build most of the foot using a Loft through cross sections.

Here I drew some cross-section curves, stacked vertically. I drew the bottom one with the toes in it first, and then copied that up and started to edit its points to kind of melt the toes down more for each profile:

These can now be selected and then Lofted to get this result:

I used the Loft Style: Loose option for this one, that tends to make less wiggles back and forth when lofting.

Then you can fillet the top edge to round it off. That will still leave you with a flat plane at the very top part though. One thing that can work well to have a fully rounded top is to model a small revolved cap like this:

Then boolean the main piece with that revolved cap surface to cut it, and throw away the top part. Now you have a rounded top instead of a flat top, and then you can fillet the edge:

I have also attached the curves that I used here as .

You can get a lot of variations on this by changing the profiles, the amount of change beween each profile and also the spacing between each profile will have different effects.

I'm not sure if this is the kind of 3 toes that you were looking for, but I hope this may give you an idea!

- Michael