wachita, a mexican crazy bandit bird

 From:  Michael Gibson
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It makes me feel like I should put my hands up... :)

> michael, is there a way to make a circular close loft? now when i pick
> curves in a circular way it doesnt connect in the end.. ie- make the
> 1st pick also the last..

No, there's no way to do this right now. I'll try to add this as an option.

Right now as a workaround you can use a two-rail sweep instead - I've attached a sample model to illustrate.

> can someone explain me how to fillet things? i tried everything but i cant understand how it works..

Try this - draw a cylinder. Now select the cylinder, then click on it again to select just one of it's hard edges. Now run Fillet.

You can now type in a radius value for the radius of the rounded section, or you can pick 2 points, and the distance between the 2 points will be used as the radius value. You don't need to pick the 2 points directly on the cylinder or anything, it's actually a bit easier to pick them just on the plane next to it. It doesn't matter so much where you pick these 2 points, it is the distance between them that matters. That is probably the most confusing part.

You can continue picking more sets of 2 points to try different distances to see what they look like, then push done (or right click in a viewport) when you're finished.

If you select edges, those edges will fillet, if you select a whole object, all the edges of the object will fillet. If you select a face, all the edges that border that face will fillet. You can also fillet 2 curves to produce an arc curve between them.

You generally want to join things together so that they have a welded common edge before you can fillet them, that's another thing that might be causing you problems.

If you have a specific thing that you want to fillet and are running into problems, please post the model here.

- Michael