Report : bugs & another abnormal features

 From:  Michael Gibson
1144.3 In reply to 1144.1 
Hi Lish, it's definitely a bug in Shell - it seems like it got confused on the fillet part and tried to extend the fillet past its regular ends when it shouldn't have. I think it has difficulty in this situation where the base object is made up of just one single smooth closed curve segment.

Shell is generally the most unreliable function in MoI, there are several bugs in it. Unfortunately it is quite difficult for me to fix the bugs, they are deep in the geometry library that I'm using.

I'll be collecting some problem examples over time and I'll send them to the people who make my geometry library, hopefully they should be able to fix them up in a future version but it may take a little while.

You will probably have a greater chance of success if you apply fillets after you do the shell instead of before.

Also in this particular case a workaround is to delete the top face and then shell. That seems to avoid the problem with that fillet.

- Michael