Report : bugs & another abnormal features

 From:  Lish (KHOLISH)
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Hi Michael...

>> I was talking about the current version of MoI, and the versions for the next several years.

I do expect that there will be progress in improving the geometry library, but it will take time before that happens.

In the meantime there are other systems out there that have spent quite a bit more effort in making more complex thin-wall shelling work so if you need to do such modeling now, one of those other programs will work better for that.

Great ! I will looking forward when the geometry library work fine. Please let us know...when its ready.

In my opinion, in many cases of create a 3D model MoI is easy of use rather than another CAD software. Yes of course MoI can`t replace all the features of another CAD software. I just hope MoI can be one of solution because easy to use and very affordable. The price of a complex 3D CAD software likes Pro....& SW....can be $5XXX up to $10XXX or more....

So we are hope for your breakthrue solution :-)

Thanks Michael...


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