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 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi gamedev, I'm glad that feels more familiar now.

re: upside down - there is a kind of natural reversal that happens when you flip upside down. Imagine if you took a clock and set it flat on a table and watch the direction that the clock hands are moving. If you flip the clock upside down, it would appear from your same view that the hands are moving in the reverse direction.

That's basically what happens in MoI when you flip upside down.

It would be possible to reverse things when you flip upside down, but that will mean a kind of sudden shift in direction when you cross over the top pole.

What happens in 3DSMax if you use the SpaceNavigator to twist in 2 directions at the same time, like moving with some left-right and also up-down rotation all at once - do you see a kind of bounce when you cross over to being upside down?

- Michael