SpaceNavigator Support

 From:  Michael Gibson
1142.2 In reply to 1142.1 
Hi gamdev,

> Is there something I am missing or is the SpaceNavigator support
> not fully implemented yet?

No, it's all been finished up for a few months now... Until now I haven't heard of it misbehaving.

I've only got an old version of Maya here, but it looks like some actions are reversed from MoI.

To adjust this, in MoI go to Options / View / Rotate/Pan/Zoom options. Then the SpaceNavigator controls are on the right-hand column, under the "3Dconnexion options" heading.

It looks like you should set a checkmark on "Reverse rotation", and "Reverse pan" - make sure you're getting the controls on that right-side column under 3Dconnexion.

Does that help?

- Michael