Hello and a question about reference images?

 From:  Michael Gibson
1135.3 In reply to 1135.1 
Hi anycolor - MoI itself doesn't really require a power-of-2 original image size.

But what happens is that MoI will always internally create the texture on the video card as a power of 2, so with your 2300x2300 image, it actually consumes a 4096x4096 amount of memory which is really a quite a large amount (64MB). Oh yeah and then with pre-calculated filtering for displaying at smaller sizes (mipmapping) it actually goes up by another factor beyond that.

I should be able to tune this up. Newer video cards don't require only power-of-2 textures anymore, so that would save a lot of memory not bumping up to that size, and I guess that maybe for ones that require power-of-2 I should shrink the image down automatically to a max of 2048x2048, since the memory consumption jumps up dramatically after that point.

At the moment keeping it at a max of 2048x2048 will keep the memory consumption from getting really out of hand.

I want to put out a new beta later today, I probably won't be able to get this fix into today's version but I should be able to get it in for version 1.0 .

- Michael