From:  Michael Gibson
1131.7 In reply to 1131.2 
Hi Iwan, thanks! I also added yours to the wiki, except for curve text and history.

Like Schbeurd mentioned, curve text is already implemented, when you are in the Text command, there is an option for it right above the Done and Cancel buttons, it says "Create: Solids", if you click the dropdown there you will find options for "Create: Surfaces", which will create flat planar surfaces, and "Create: Curves", which will create just the curves like you want.

The sort of basics of history are also already working - for example if you create a lofted surface through some curves, you can then turn on the control points for those curves and edit them and the loft will update.

There are some kinds of operations where history will not work on though, like booleans and fillets. I do want to extend history to work on more types of commands in the future though. Is that what you meant?

> - stronger fillets operations : for example a fillet with a too high
> value should produce automatically the biggest fillet possible, it should not fail.

This one is unfortunately quite difficult to achieve. I kept it on the wishlist, but it will likely be a long time before it will be possible.

> - multi-threaded operations if possible

This one is also pretty difficult to achieve for everything, however one area that I plan to focus on is making the display mesh calculation process multi-threaded.

I think that rebuild, extract isocrv, and mapping coordinate enhancements are pretty likely to happen for v2.

- Michael