From:  Michael Gibson
1131.6 In reply to 1131.1 
Hi Petr, I added your wishes to the wiki page here: http://moi3d.com/wiki/Wishlist.

> it could look like toogle text label Radius/Diameter for Circle command prompt.

Which current label would you put the toggle on? Normally I would think of using a toggle like that as a way to flip between a couple of mutually exclusive options...

But I do hate making that dialog so big and complicated though - that's really the only reason why I haven't added that option yet, it is not very difficult to actually implement.

One thing that I have thought of is to make applying the updated display of those "advanced" options more fully automatic instead of needing that "Update mesh" button, then I could throw out that button and add another line in there without increasing the size of the dialog.

- Michael