From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Max, I'm glad that you are enjoying using MoI!

re: point clouds - it is actually possibly to turn on control points to edit surfaces in MoI, but similar to Rhino you can't turn on points for some kinds of objects, specifically objects made up of joined surfaces where the surfaces do not have a common point structure along the shared edge.

This is to prevent pulling 2 adjacent surfaces apart in different directions which would open up a gap along what is supposed to be a shared sealed edge.

If you use Edit / Separate to break your joined object into individual surface objects, then you can turn on control points for those separate surfaces.

Here is a post with a more detailed explanation of why you can't edit surface points for some joined objects:

Because different surfaces within a solid can have totally different control point structures (see the plane / cylinder example in the link above), NURBS solids just don't have the kind of "push and pull on point cloud" kind of manipulation that a polygon mesh structure has.

If you want to do a lot of that kind of point manipulation type modeling, really a polygon-based modeler like Modo, Silo, XSI, etc... are designed around that kind of process, it isn't really a focus area for MoI.

The process in MoI is kind of more like constructing objects from drawn profiles instead of squishing a point cage around. Sometimes I compare the MoI method to be more like drawing or illustration, and the polygon point manipulation method to be more like sculpting. Each one has different strengths and problems, but what you are describing there sounds more like it would line up with the polygon method.

- Michael