Duplicate curve question?

 From:  Paul (AIRGLASS)
Hi, Michael,
Back with yet another question :)
I've been toying around with a script for the last month or so, to reduce a model to 2d lines in a single plane.
I've got it roughed out and working except for the final step -- automatically deleting any duplicated curves (curves sharing the same space). Is there a way to compare curves in a list and determine which ones share the same coordinates (and then remove all duplicates) ?
The method I'm using is to generate a wireframe of the model's edges, create a plane, and then project the wireframe onto the plane, which of course also creates a bunch of duplicated curves.
Any ideas?


-- Just realized I can probably make a bunch of lists of the points in each object, and then use vectormath.pointsAreEqual to compare points and lists.
Never mind :)

EDITED: 15 Nov 2007 by AIRGLASS