Rotate around selected element

 From:  Michael Gibson
1120.3 In reply to 1120.1 
Hi Nigel, I'm glad that you are enjoying MoI!

There isn't any way to rotate around a point off to the side, but you can center your view and pivot around a selected object by using the "Reset" button at the bottom of the viewport.

One click on that will center the view (and the rotation pivot) around the selected objects, and if you press it a second time it will target everything, not just selected objects.

> Talking of views, it would be quite good to be able to double click the
> view name to maximize the view. Just how Rhino allows you to do.

For V1 I wanted to make a more visible way to handle switching the views - doing the double-click on the corner is kind of hidden since it doesn't normally look like an actual clickable button.

The other problem with double-click is that it can require 2 steps to get to different views, like if you are in maximized top view and want to switch to maximized front view, with double-clicking you have to double-click once to return to split view, then double click a second time to maximize the other one. I wanted to make sure to be able to switch between any views with just one click, so that's another reason why I went away from that double-click method.

But I would like to add double-click as another option to maximize views in the future though.

It is possible in the current version to set up some keyboard shortcuts for switching the view, like setting up space bar to maximize the view your mouse is over, or return to split view, and also you can set stuff up to assign different views to certain keys like 1 = split, 2 = top, etc... - let me know if you would like some details on setting that up.

- Michael