display problem

 From:  Michael Gibson
1115.2 In reply to 1115.1 
Hi Baka, yes you will need a newer video card in order to run MoI.

Your current built-in video system does not have the minimum features that MoI requires to display its 3D scene.

Unfortunately your current video card is very underpowered for the display of 3D graphics - the Intel 810 graphics system was released about 9 years ago (which by video card technology standards is a very long time ago), and even when it was released it was more of a minimal economy "integrated video" system.

You don't really need to have the completely latest video card technology to run MoI, but you basically need something that is more in the range of only 5 years old. You can actually get a card around the $40 range that will handle it just fine, let me know if you would like any suggestions on how to upgrade your system.

- Michael