Custom command: Select Objects By Type

 From:  Michael Gibson
1106.6 In reply to 1106.5 
Hi Petr,

I guess that could solve it, but at that point it seems rather complex compared to a menu with several choices on it...

It's true that it would be similar to Hide, but Hide is kind of a compromise from several different pressures on it, I'm not so sure if it is good to use Hide as a general model to follow.

Since Hide is used frequently it really needed to operate as a top-level button, and I really didn't want to have 3 buttons like "Hide", "Show", and "Show selected", all there at a prominent level, that would just take up too much space.

Selecting objects by type, while certainly useful, just isn't as frequently accessed. So it is not as bad to have stuff for it kind of nested down one level in a sub menu or something like that.

- Michael