From:  Michael Gibson
1104.4 In reply to 1104.3 
Hi Ezzy - yeah Network can't take curves arranged in this way.

Once you have this starting arrangment:

That basically sets up the poles, those points are now similar to the north pole and south pole on a globe of the world. Now any additional curves need to be either a latitude or longitude line to make an arrangement that Network can use. A longitude line should be kind of a pivoted version of one of those, with ends at those same pole points. A latitude line should cut across all of those longitude lines, not just some of them.

So when you add these curves:

That is not either a latitude or longitude line, MoI won't be able to figure out how to unwrap those curves into a 2D grid like a map.

It's kind of like this - if you have a globe with latitude and longitude lines:

The new curve added above is like this:

That is the kind of thing that won't work for Network.

It kind of looks like you want a final shape that has a lot of little details in it, like little fins and folds in the shape - a model made up of stuff like that is generally easier to do in a polygon modeling package rather than a NURBS-based program like MoI.

If you try to directly surface profile curves that have all those little wiggles and folds in them, you will end up getting those wiggles kind of stretched across a surface, I'm not really sure that it will be able to give you a very good result.

Instead you've got to try to kind of construct an initial shape using smoother curves without all the little wiggles in them (and even with this method you will probably want to build in sections instead of all at once) then you can build some little fins as separate pieces and boolean them on.

But the little wiggles and details on your shape makes it pretty much the same kind of thing as trying to model a face, which generally works better using a polygon modeling program instead of MoI.

- Michael