From:  Michael Gibson
1104.2 In reply to 1104.1 
Hi Ezzy, your link to the .3dm file doesn't seem to work for me.

There are a couple of different possibilities - it looks like you've got quite a bit of wiggles and points in some of those curves, that may be causing Network to try and create an extremely dense surface and it is running out of memory.

The other possibility is MoI may be getting confused about the layout of the curve grid. To use network, your curves must form a kind of x/y grid sort of like latitude and longitude lines. If your curves are not quite arranged in this manner, then MoI will probably end up kind of connecting somewhat random curves together which can again result in a a super dense surface that is trying to bend all over the place.

In a case like this you should generally try to split things up into some different zones or pieces and try to surface each piece separately instead of trying to do it all at once.

You can also try using a smaller set of curves, like try using only 5 or 6 curves to start with and then add more.

Looking over your image some more, it doesn't look like you've got a latitude/longitude type layout to the curves, you would normally have them coming up to a pole point at the top and bottom similar to lat/long lines on a globe for example.

It kind of looks like you've got things criss-crossing in a grid pattern, but probably you've got many different grids in there and not just one single latitude/longitude grid. Basically MoI has to figure out how to unwrap your curves into a 2D pattern just like latitude and longitude lines on a globe can unwrap to a simple 2D pattern on a flat map.

I could try to help you some more if you can fix the link to your file, or post it as an attachment here.

- Michael