Feature proposal : moving objects with arrows

 From:  Michael Gibson
1094.5 In reply to 1094.2 
Hi Lish, for V2 I do want to add some additional alignment tools for positioning objects. Those should generally make it easier to attach objects to one another.

Probably at first there won't be any special versions like concentric, but you'll just be able to use object snaps to grab center points to do that.

Like for instance right now you can use Transform / Move to reposition a circle to be concentric with another circle like this - start by selecting the circle you want to reposition:

Now run the Transform / Move command, and pick the center of the circle you want to move as the base point:

Now for the offset point pick the center of the target circle:

This will result in the first circle becoming concentric with the first:

It may be possible for me to add some additional alignment tools in the future that are more specialized like you are asking about, but it will probably be a while before I will be able to get to that. That is kind of approaching into an area of "constraint-based" modeling, which is just not generally an area that MoI is really going towards.

> In the feature will moi work with Assembly & 2D drawing like mechanical CAD ?

There will definitely be more 2D drawing stuff in the future.

For assembly - you can already create an assembly made up of multiple parts in MoI right now, there isn't any kind of separate "Part modeler" versus "assembly modeler" type division in MoI, everything just happens within one 3D environment where you can create any number of objects.

- Michael