Anyone want a Wacom Intuos3 6x8?

 From:  angeliclight
Hi everyone,

Sorry, Michael, if this isn't something to post here, but I am offering this here in gratitude for the help that I've gotten and hopefully to give someone here a chance to get a really good graphics tablet that might not be able to afford it new. I've got a new baby coming in a month and I won't be using my Intuos3 6x8 anymore, so I thought I'd offer it to someone here that I know could use it rather than just sticking it on ebay first.

It's in just out-of-the-box shape and though it's about 4 months old, I've only used it twice. I wouldn't be selling it if it wasn't for the new arrival and no time for it.

It's this model -

and Amazon's lowest price is about $310.

I'm asking $180 or best offer plus shipping however you like. I have 100% positive ebay feedback and am able to PayPal. I could get this shipped as early as Monday.

If anyone is interested, please email me at "angeliclightdude (at)".

Michael, if this is out of scope for this forum please feel free to delete immediately.

Thank you, all, and have a wonderful rest of the weekend,

- A