Control Points vs. Through Points

 From:  Michael Gibson
1086.2 In reply to 1086.1 
Hi Dan, I'm glad that you like MoI!

> Is there a way to edit the original points?

There currently isn't any way to do this. I would like to add this in the future but it won't be part of V1.

The Network command is pretty tolerant of curves not intersecting exactly, so it may be ok without further manipulation.

Another thing you can try is "drag point on curve" mode. This is a special mode that is available when you have control points turned on, it lets you grab on to a point directly on the curve and drag it to a new location, it is kind of like a temporary single "through point" drag. There are some more details here:

That might help you position the curve.

If you're having problems with getting a Network to work right, please post the curves and I can take a look and maybe give some more specific advice.

- Michael