MoI VS. Rest of the 3D world

 From:  Pozero
I 'am using POSER 7 as main animation software and I was searching for a while to find modeling software to combine with POSER 7 and create my stuff.
I saw a lot of 3D apps ( 3D Wings, Silo, Softimage, Maya, 3DsMax, Lightwawe...) and still MoI is my choice number one. But....I didn't know the difference (because I am just 5 months in 3D) between NURBS modeling apps (like MoI) and POLYGON / SUBDIVISON modeling apps ( such as Anim8or etc..). Now although MoI is best for modeling some non animating props such as sword, chair, car, watch..anything that don't have to be deformed, many people on the Official Poser 7 Forum told me that MoI isn't best option when it comes to adding bones to 3D mesh or animating mesh made in MoI, just because MoI is NURBS modeling software. They said that MoI is great but not for character modeling....This is where my disappointment starts....I am so familiar with MoI functions because I am using MoI for a few months now and I can't say that I saw better and friendlier software. I have quick and effective workflow with MoI and satisfying results. Now my question is : Should I start learning totally new Sub/Poly software just in purposes of character creation (and keep using MoI for props) or you think that there is no SUCH a big, BIG difference between how my 3D mesh will react on adding bones, no matter is that mesh from MoI or any other software. I asking this because I don't want other software if I don't HAVE to. I imported OBJ 3D mesh from MoI to Poser and add bones. I started to rotate , twist, bend mesh and here are pics. It doesn't look bad to ME.

What is your opinion about all this NURBS/POLY/SUBDIVISION subject and modeling characters and props ?

Thank to all of you. MoI is best !!!