COLLADA export

 From:  Michael Gibson
1082.2 In reply to 1082.1 
Hi skunkwerks - I can look into that for version 2, but adding file format support tends to be a pretty difficult and time consuming area of work that requires a lot of testing...

There isn't really anything that I would be writing to the COLLADA format that isn't already present in the OBJ format.

Is it possible that you are not reading in the vertex normals when importing OBJ files currently? There should be an option in XSI when you import that says something like "Import Normals as User Normals" - make sure that is checked when you import and you should be able to get a high quality result that doesn't need any additional cleanup. There is some discussion of using this option in XSI imports in this thread: .

If XSI isn't able to read OBJ files in properly, could you please file a bug report with them so that function can get cleaned up to work better?

- Michael