COLLADA export

 From:  southpaw (SOUTHPAWAMI)
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Hi Michael,

SVG and Collada. What a sweet spot. I can completely see SVG as a priority. One of the ridiculous things about shade that I like is the host of formats that work with adobe's production suite(.ai,.psd,.swf,.mov,etc..) SVG... illustrator/inkscape/w3c... just beautiful.

Better existing format support (DXF, OBJ, LWO)... It's definitely logical. I know Manga Studio 4 Ex supports .lwo and .lws(lightwave scene files), though I've yet to have a reason to use that support.

Well... I'll still hope for collada. With one collada file, I can use it in modo5, houdini11, 3ds max2012, maya2012, shade12, sketchup8, blue mars, second life, torque3d(game engine), etc... Maybe 3, maybe 4...

I admit you've been friendly on these forums; I really appreciate it. Thank you.