COLLADA export

 From:  Michael Gibson
1082.12 In reply to 1082.11 
Hi southpaw, well it is on the radar, but so is SVG, DXF (for 2D curves and lines) and improved PDF support, and also making improvements to existing format support for exporting style assignments to more formats than just OBJ and LWO as is currently the case. So that's already a fair amount of file format work kind of queued up for working on for v3, so it's hard to know if collada will make the cut for v3. But priorities can change based on user requests so it's great that you requested it - if it would help out more apps and more people then it would tend to gain in priority and the only way I find out about such things is by requests like this one.

Right now my current feel though is that for file format work some focus on some 2D formats and on adding style support to existing formats (like SKP, FBX, and 3DS) seems like it would be higher priority for now just since those seem to be requested more often so far.

- Michael