Transformer stack

 From:  adx
I did this a few days ago in my first real use of MOI. Apart from a longstanding (10 yr) interest in SolidWorks and the like, I'm no 3D guru at all, and have never really had the time to get involved. Until now. I had an idea for an interesting stack of toroidial transformers and metal, and wanted to visualise the innards, so thought why not just jump in the deep end. I had this done in 15 minutes, many of the tools (eg rotate) I hadn't tried before. That's my kind of CAD!

I also created a section through the object by subtracting a big cube. This is the only thing I really need to know how to do in SolidWorks for my day job (electronics and PCB design, slice a case at the board level and export to DXF so I can design a board outline...).

I was originally attracted to MOI for its 2D features (making easy drawings for CNC work), but really impressed with its 3D capabilities, to the point where I'd say it's already up near the top of the best 3D packages. I don't use them myself, but I've seen a lot of them in my travels.