Selection Thoughts

 From:  Marc (TELLIER)
1073.4 In reply to 1073.2 
Hi Michael,

Thanks again for the scripts, the behavior of "lock objects with show points" script is just what I was looking for.

"Normally I'd recommend hiding other objects that are in the way, but this may be useful as well."

Hiding other objects is a very useful and quick workflow but I often find I do adjustments on my curves or profiles in relation with existing geometry, especially with sweep lofts, etc...

I there a simple way to tweak the script to behave like this?;
-Command would trigger "show points"
-Selection set would be locked (as in script).
-Escape two times would exit the script. (Like current show points behavior) and therefore unlock the selection.

For the lock selection set feature, I was initially thinking of a toggle On-Off lock that would lock selection and prevent adding other object, similar to the "show points lock" script you have made.



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