What's wrong with UVs ?

 From:  Michael Gibson
1055.5 In reply to 1055.4 
Hi knightxor, I'm already convinced that this is a good idea, so it is definitely on my list of stuff to add.

It will take a fair amount of work to achieve it so it just is not something that I am able to fit inside the schedule for releasing version 1.0 .

It just isn't practical for me to add every single possible feature to the initial 1.0 version, there will be a lot of things that will have to wait for a little while before I have time to make them happen.

Until then, there are some programs that are able to separate these UVs into different regions without any kind of manual selection at all, I think Blender has this capability and Modo also has it with their new version. Maybe someone familiar with those would be able to give you the right details on which function or button you push to make that happen.

So it should be possible for you to achieve what you want without much effort using some other existing uv editing tool. It would be better for MoI to do it automatically but until then I don't think you should be totally blocked from achieving this result....

If you aren't able to find another tool that handles this easily, let me know and I will research it in some more depth to help you find the right editing tool to do the job.

- Michael