What's wrong with UVs ?

 From:  Michael Gibson
1055.2 In reply to 1055.1 
Hi knightxor,

The way it works right now is that each different surface will generate uv coordinates that span the entire texture rectangle from 0,0 to 1,1.

I do want to improve this in the future but I don't expect to have it done for version 1.0 .

For now you need to use a polygon modeling program to edit the texture coordinates with a "pack" or "separate" type function.

> One point for using NURBS is that you don't have do any uvmapping later.

Yes, but the automatic mapping follows the structure of the surface, so if your surface is stretched in one direction the mapping is also stretched in one direction same as the surface. I may be able to tune this up in some situations when I get a chance to work on UV coordinate packing for version 2.0 .

- Michael