MoI under Linux! Yes! It works!

 From:  zsouthboy
I've been trying to get some MoI love in Linux ever since it's been in beta.

As we all know, wine won't run it, Cedega won't run it, Crossover won't run it.

Creating an XP virtual machine won't run it (because a VM doesn't emulate a 3d card, which MoI needs for the main display)

So I've been hacking away, trying to get it to work.

A thought occurred yesterday: refrast! Refrast is part of the DirectX SDK - it is a software implementation of D3D, for use in software development (how do you develop for video cards that don't exist yet? this is how.) It's slow as hell.

After doing some more research, I happened upon SwiftShader - owned by none other than Transgaming(makers of Cedega)!

Another stumbling block - they don't intend individual end users to use SwiftShader - it's for Devs only. Drat!

But - what if another program already used it? Would copying over the DLL file to the MoI directory work? (I renamed the file d3d9.dll - thank god for my little d3d dev knowledge :D)


Screenshot is attached!

MoI runs FULL SPEED in my qemu VM - Inspiron 1501 - Turion X2 1.8 ghz

Now: what needs to happen to make this work for everyone that wants to use MoI under Linux (or any platform that can run a VM of Windows)?

Michael could license SwiftShader from Transgaming.

To Michael: can you look into doing this for us, your Linux users? I am willing to pay extra. (I don't know Transgamings licensing situation - it could be per copy license, it could be flat fee)