GaurTaur, weapon and shield designed in Moi.

 From:  Crusoe the Painter (CRUSOE)
This guy will be printed out sometime in the future. I modeled this guy in pieces, mostly using a new technique I developed. I mask off part of a polyplane in the profile I need ( say, the side view of the legs ), then I extract from the plane, hit the extract with smooth brush, then start sculpting. I even did the torso this way. It's a very quick way to rapidly build model parts. If there are too many pucker points, then I quickly retopo to something prettier.

I use ctrl-shift to hide parts of the mesh, and then the zproject brush to ensure the arms, head, and hands will properly mate with their counterparts when he is finally printed. Before printing, I will move the parts I want to be seperate to ensure the best printing.

The sword and shield were done in moi, and then tweaked in Zbrush. Moi is so easy to use, that this was exceedingly easy and fast. Michaels new export features make this even easier, providing very zbrush friendly meshes!

This is not the final pose, but more a 'fit' test.

I plan on writing a short book, explaining the modeling of a classic 'grey' alien with retro raygun from beginning to end, using all the techniques I've learned and developed. Zbrush, MeshLab, and Moi will all be used.

I can't tell you how fun and easy is this all becoming!