Spacebar_full screen issue

 From:  Michael Gibson
1044.2 In reply to 1044.1 
Hi phlat5th - can you please grab the debug log and paste it in here for me to check out? To grab the debug log, hold down the Ctrl key and click on the "MoI" title label in the upper-right corner of the screen that shows up when the window is maximized (near the window minimize and close buttons).

That will pop up a menu, one of the choices is "Show Log", please click that, then select all the text and hit Ctrl+C, then paste that into a message here.

That will let me know which specific thing is failing.

But my guess is that something has gone kind of wrong with the video driver and it doesn't have enough memory open to satisfy MoI's request. When you go full screen, MoI asks the video driver for a larger surface to draw in which takes up more memory. This problem might go away if you reboot your machine.

- Michael