Stuck again --

 From:  Michael Gibson
1039.2 In reply to 1039.1 
Hi Paul, try using this instead of the ViewlinkContainer:

<div style="behavior:url(#default#ContentLoader); content:SidePaneMods.htm;"></div>

A ContentLoader works more like an #include, it reads that content file and inserts it directly inside the <div> element.

A ViewlinkContainer is a bit different - the content that it loads actually goes into a separate child document inside the viewlink. The child document has its own <html> and <head> elements, it is a full document itself, it is more like an <iframe> in regular html.

This child document does not directly inherit some of the necessary stuff from the <head> of SidePane.htm . You could get this to work, but you would need to duplicate that <head> stuff over to your new document.

ContentLoader keeps everything inside of the same document, it is more intended for composing kind of fragmentary bits together. ViewlinkContainer is more intended for encapsulated UI that can get switched out like the command options area.

- Michael