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Are you using another program as a bridge between MoI and HyperShot?

I ask because I downloaded the HyperShot demo. A very nice program!

I have an object created in MoI that I want to assign two different materials - let's say a cube with face #1 in blue and face #2 in red.

I run Michael's program - SeparateOBJ.exe - to break up my object along sharp edges.

I import this object into HyperShot and attempt to assign two different materials ( I can do this fine importing a MoI object into Bryce by the way).

HyperShot gives the entire object the same material.

From the HyperShot web site:
"When importing obj and IGES files, HyperShot is currently looking at the individual materials that have been assigned, and is assigning material groups based on these. In order to have parts and assemblies broken out into their individual components when using these file formats, please ensure that all individual components have individual materials assigned to them."

Because MoI does not assign materials, it appears I can only render my object as one material.

From the HyperShot forum, a 3D Studio Max user says:
"In Max assign a separate material to each part and then in the obj exporter turn on create *.mat file with export. I've created a script that assigns a random material ID to each object with a unique name."

To Michael: If MoI material assignment is far in the future, how about an option now to assign a unique material ID to each object in SeparateOBJ.exe?

Note: Full instructions for transferring 3D Studio Max objects to HyperShot are here:

I think MoI and HyperShot would make an excellent low cost 3D solution if MoI object export was addressed.


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