Render of the cooking pot tutorial.

 From:  Edwin (EDWINTSI)
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Thx for the kind words.

He has believed that his computer was hacked :)

So he finally notices MWUHAHAHAHA...just kidding :-)

I used Hypershot from Bunkspeed. A great tool but you must use many tricks in order to get the correct results (because it's still a bit limited in the material department).

I did give the bottle a thickness but that didn't work well in Hypershot. So what you see here is the exact bottle as created in the tutorial. Then i added a rounded cube inside of it which i gave a "water" material (i.o.r. of 1.0...something :-) Finally i gave the bottle a glass material.
When i render it like that it appears nice enough, but as i said earlier, i would have used a thickness if i had to use Modo or Lightwave.

Although i was quite happy with the render as seen above...i changed alot today. A downfall is that the thickness kind of dissapears in the render but i do think the render itself is more beautiful, more life-like.

Render is probably done in 2 hours or so. Please check back and tell me what you think.

Say hi to Steph for me Frenchy P, i'm quietly following his work for some time now :-)