Render of the cooking pot tutorial.

 From:  Edwin (EDWINTSI)
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Nice render. But 2 hours? I thought Bunkspeed was supposed to render almost instantly?

Yes, Hypershots rendering incredibly fast, and in certain cases almost instant. When using many transparancies/caustics in a scene however, things will become slower.
The 2 hour render also had to do with the fact that i was playing the UT3 BETA at the same time :-) The final render as shown below took 32 minutes.
Still quite long for Hypershot, but maybe i could fiddle with the settings and make it faster.


Are you using another program as a bridge between MoI and HyperShot?

If it's needed i'm using Modo or Lightwave (mostly Modo nowadays).

It all depends on the amount of materials i need and how i texture.
In teh case of the Kitchen jar i only used 6 simple materials:
- yellow liquid
- red liquid
- green liquid
- metal parts
- bottles
- ground plane

Now i could export them as an obj, import in Modo, assign all the materials (the groups actually since the final materials are build in Hypershot) export again INCLUDING the .mtl file, import into Hypershot, assign the correct materials to the groups and finally render.....phew.


I save the 6 objects as mentioned above to 6 different files.
(in this case liquid1 to 3.3dm, metal.3dm, bootle.3dm and so on)
Import these objects into Hypershot (select 'merge with scene') and i have 6 objects ready to get a material.

Now this is ofocurse MUCH faster when you are using a simple scene, or better said, a scene with little materials in it. And ofcourse, if you aren't going to use Hypershots materials, you just save the ones from your modeller into a mtl file.

> I think MoI and HyperShot would make an excellent low cost 3D solution if MoI object export was addressed.
When you say low cost :)
800 * 450 195 $
1920 * 1080 900$
more phone
cost maybe, low I don't know :) (for hobbyst of course)

I think they should release an 'in-between version' because the maximum resolutions are too far apart in the existing versions.
However, i went for the 195$ version (mostly because i'm not sure whether or not Hypershot will become part of my workflow yet) and i'm using one on the many scaling tools to scale my render. There are some commercial ones which do a tremendous job and cost no more then 150 bucks).

Apart from all the's my last and final render of the scene. As i said earlier, the thickness kinda disappears, but i still think the jars look 'solid' enough. Also i think the lighting is much more realistic. Let me know what you think.

**** EDITED oct 16th: Although i said i wouldn't i actually did another render. I'm using a much better floor i guess (higher res). ***


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