Suggestion for improving the mesher.

 From:  Michael Gibson
1024.4 In reply to 1024.3 
Hi Crusoe, the dropped tris may be a bug, I'll check into that tomorrow.

Zbrush is adding a center point interior to the n-gon when it triangulates it - MoI does not add any interior points and just triangulates using points on the boundary. That seems to be the difference that you are talking about.

I think I can add that, I'll take a look. It doesn't completely guarantee removing skinny triangles, but it does stop them from traversing the entire n-gon and I think it is an improvement.

However, in your example you have diced everything into small bits using "Divide larger than" so that each n-gon is convex, this type of situation does make it easier to add just a center point for the triangulation. It is not easy though for larger more complex n-gons that are non-convex. I would be interested to see what ZBrush does with those types of n-gons, like if you leave "Divide larger than" off.

- Michael