Suggestion for improving the mesher.

 From:  Michael Gibson
1024.2 In reply to 1024.1 
Hi Crusoe,

> So why not junk the quad+tri mesher, and use the quad-ngon mesher to
> generate the mesh, and then subdivide the ngons into tris/quads?

That's exactly how it already works... If you choose quads + triangles, it starts by generating n-gons and then takes each n-gon and breaks that into triangles.

But I just checked something and it looks like I may be optimizing for triangle shape in UV space instead of 3D space, if you have surfaces that are rather elongated in one direction this may be causing some problems.

If you have a good test surface that currently generates skinny triangles, please send it to me and I will experiment with some tweaks. If you can narrow it down to just one single surface piece that is a good representative of the problem, that would help.

Also it would be great to see some sample pictures of a comparison to zbrush's triangulator so I could get an idea of what it is doing that works better.

- Michael