Suggestion for improving the mesher.

 From:  Crusoe the Painter (CRUSOE)
So after being somewhat dissatified with the tri-quad mesh output, because it can generate self-intersecting meshes, and sometimes leaves out tries resulting in tiny holes, along with being very ugly in places.

Now, Zbrush 3.0 supports importing objs with n-gons, dividing them into quad-tris upon import. So I tried exporting my model obj in quad+n-gon, and importing it into zbrush. Wow! wonderful mesh, the ngons get sliced up nicely into tris!!

So my question is, why can't MOI do this? It seems the tri+quad and tri+ngon mesher are 2 separate meshers. The ngon mesher generates a much more evenly subdivided mesh. So why not junk the quad+tri mesher, and use the quad-ngon mesher to generate the mesh, and then subdivide the ngons into tris/quads? Thus avoiding the whole issue of ugly super-stretched or missing tris?

Because, this fixed up a LOT of issues I was having with really ugly thin tris, especially along the edges where 2 surfaces meet.

I'll try and post some comparisons