v1 beta - axis snap + IGES (old thread)

 From:  Michael Gibson
1013.20 In reply to 1013.17 
Hi xrok1 - yes good call that one is going to be a problem.

Object snaps have priority and if one of them is activated then grid snap will not kick in.

At the moment you can work around it by disabling Object Snap temporarily which will then let the grid snaps come through.

But this definitely needs to be fixed.

I think what makes sense is if there is an "on" snap (axis is kind of a variety of "on"), and the object snapped on to is a line running coincident with a grid line, I'll take a look and see if there is a grid intersection close by and redirect to that.

Other than that issue, what do you think of the new axis snap - worthwhile or does it get in the way?

I wouldn't normally be messing with a major new feature like this right before release, but it just seems like this can replace a lot of basic construction line creation, which is especially good for beginners since they don't even know about construction lines.

Thanks for your attention to the details here!

- Michael