querk with circle

 From:  Michael Gibson
1009.4 In reply to 1009.3 
Booleans don't actually have any "options" - when you push Boolean and it pops out those 4 choices, that launches a different command for each one, then when each command is running there aren't anything like checkboxes or other kinds of controls that go in the upper-right options area...

I just try in general not to flood the UI with too much stuff at once, so if there is ever a chance to hide stuff or delay it until some other point that's what I kind of lean towards...

I guess in this case it isn't really much of an issue though.

re: Steph's videos - I'll have to get Pilou to ask him if he wants me to host them. I'm not sure how easy they are to download for offline viewing though since they are in flash format, you kind of have to get a package of several files including a local web page that acts as the viewer.

- Michael