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 From:  xrok1
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i actually like seeing all the options ahead of time(when a tool is chosen), since you can't go back and change it after the fact (no history), if you miss seeing it especially when you're getting familiar with the interface it can cause extra work. imagine using booleans if the boolean type options were'nt show till after you selected objects; seems counter productive to go back and choose options after the fact. IMO anyway.

BTW its really great that comments on this forum never go unanswered. that shows real dedication on your part and will sell your product as much as the program itself i'm sure. Kudos!

i was also wondering if you could possibly host steph3d's vid's on your site and ask him if they could be downloadable. i think they're great but with a slow internet connection a real pain to stream, and would be great to have them on my HD for instance reference.

One more thing i noticed i would like to mention is that it would be great to have a realtime preview with the text tool, right now since i have to apply the text before i can see it, i need to try seetings apply then delete and try again till i get what i like.

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