From:  rob (XCROSSFIRE)

Thank you very much for this great little program.
I bought a wacom 6 x 8 a couple of weeks ago and struggled with rhino V2 to get any speed and proficiency and this program is a gem for a pen user.
I work with a guild of blacksmiths and we have been looking for a simple program to create spiral scrolls and decorative iron work shapes and, although I showed them a demonstration using Rhino, they still found it hard to get into.
I thought Sketchup might be the answer, but it's not really suited to drawing the shapes we require.
Its early days yet but I feel MoI has a lot of potential for our needs to create the relatively simple shapes we require.
I know it's early days yet, but do you have a ball park figure on expected retail price?
Many thanks once again from downunder.


Rob Kenning