MoI To Modo 501 - Contour rendering

 From:  Michael Gibson
3926.4 In reply to 3926.3 
Hi rampackwobble, I've attached the patch here so you can give it a try.

To apply the patch download the attached file, and unzip it and copy the 3 included files into the MoI 2.0 installation folder. Then make sure MoI is not currently running, and then run the update.cmd file.

(NOTE: if you're on Windows 7 or Vista, the UAC system prevents the update.cmd file from writing to the "Program Files" folder, so either temporarily disable UAC or open up an admin command shell as described here and then run update.cmd from that command shell)

Then to activate the new LWO export option you need to enable it in moi.ini - to do that open up the moi.ini file for editing, there is a button for that in MoI under Options > General > "Edit .ini file".

Inside the .ini file, go to the [LWO] section and add in this entry:


You can just add that as a new line at the end of the [LWO] section.

That will then make "Part" tags exported to the LWO file, with the polygons generated from each surface in the original NURBS model assigned to a different numbered Part tag. With those Part tags set up it is then possible to enable the contour rendering in Modo 501, so that a border will be rendered between the different surfaces in the original NURBS model.

Maybe PaQ can post some pointers about where those settings are at in Modo to enable the contour rendering inside there.

- Michael