Point from 2 points given distances

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi George, I've attached a plug-in here that you can try.

To install it, download the attached .zip file and unzip it, then copy the 2 files to the \commands sub-folder inside of MoI's main installation folder.

That will then make a new command called Intersect2Circles available. To trigger the command, set up a keyboard shortcut under Options > Shortcut keys, and for the command part of the shortcut put in: Intersect2Circles

Then when you push that key, this custom command should start and it works as described above. It lets you create 2 circles and then at the last step you pick a point to tell it which intersection you want to take.

For the last pick you just need to pick a point closer to one of the 2 possibilities, you don't need to actually put it at the intersection although you can if you want.

The circles will be displayed only while you are inside of the command and when you are finished only the single point will stick around and the circles will disappear.

I hope that might help for processing a lot of these!

- Michael