add elements to an object

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Pilou,

> this list is the list of names yet existing in the Moi cession
> or that can be an external list where we can pick any
> names? (file .txt for example)

The one posted previously is a list of existing object names in the model.

I've attached here a different version which will read in the list of names from a text file named PresetNames.txt which should be put in the same \commands sub-folder.

Then edit the PresetNames.txt file to control the list of names.

The command name for this one is AssignPresetName, instead of just AssignName.

- Michael

EDIT: updated attachment to fix problem with hard-coded "c:\Program Files" path to text file.

EDIT2: see here for a version that will work on a Mac:

EDIT3: added new version that will work with v3, old version for v2 renamed.