add elements to an object

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Nos, I'm glad that other script was useful.

Also I've cooked up a different plug-in as well which I have attached to this message. This one shows a dialog that has a list of all the existing object names in it, so you can then double-click on one of those names in the list to assign that name to the selected objects.

It looks like this:

To use it, download the file attachment from this post, unzip it and copy the 2 files into the \commands sub-folder inside of MoI v2's main installation folder.

That will then add a new command called AssignName. In order to trigger it you will need to set up a keyboard shortcut under Options > Shortcut keys. Add in a new entry and for the key part put in whatever key you want to trigger it, and for the command part put in AssignName

Then to use it, first select the objects that you want to be renamed, and then trigger the shortcut key and that list of existing names will pop up. Double click on the one you want and the selected objects will get that name.

This should help for this kind of a thing for the time being, in the future I think this will get integrated into the scene browser where there is already a list of object names under the "Objects" section, and probably there will be a little menu that you can pop out for a name and pick a menu item that says "Assign to this name". But until then this AssignName plug-in command will do that same kind of job.

- Michael