Punch holes

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Angelo, it occured to me this morning that this process of moving slices into their precise target location can be mostly automated pretty easily.

I've attached a custom plug-in command here called MoveSliceToPoint.js which can be used for this.

To install it, download it and copy it into the \commands sub-folder inside of the MoI 2.0 beta's main installation folder (it may also work with v1, I have not tested it there though). Then set up a keyboard shortcut and for the command put in: MoveSliceToPoint

Now when you activate that keyboard shortcut it will launch the command.

This command expects a setup of point objects like this:

You can draw a point object using Draw curve / More / Point, and then make a duplicate of it at your desired spacing using Transform / Array / Dir, use a distance constraint by using the "d" field in the bottom toolbar to control the spacing for the array.

It assumes that the point object closest to 0,0,0 is the starting point that is on the plane of the objects, and the point object furthest from 0,0,0 is the target point.

To use the command, select the outermost curve (the one that should be moved to the end), like this:

And then press the keyboard shortcut to launch the command. It will move the selected object to the furthest target point, and then remove that target point:

So because that target point was removed, now it is all set up to select the next curve and repeat the command by a right-click to move it into place, and so forth. So you can rapidly move a bunch of slices into place with this method by just by repeated select + right click, select + right click, etc...

This should help to greatly speed up the arrangement of slices like this, here is a screencap of it in action:

I hope this may help out the next time you have to arrange a large number of slices like this.

- Michael